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Save Kids Lives with UN Global Road Safety Week

Every day, more than 500 children die in road crashes around the world – that’s more than 182,500 children per year. Many more children are seriously injured.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The Third UN Global Road Safety Week (4-10 May) focuses on improving road safety for children through the #‎SaveKidsLives campaign. The initiative aims to highlight the plight of children on the world’s roads and generate action to improve their safety.

#‎SaveKidsLives is a worldwide campaign featuring hundreds of events hosted by governments, international agencies, community groups and private companies.

StreetSmarts is proud to support the Third UN Global Road Safety Week to help keep children safe on our roads.

How can you can involved?

You can make a difference too! Support #‎SaveKidsLives by following these easy steps:

  1. Read the Child Declaration for Global Road Safety on the #SaveKidsLives website with your children.
  2. Sign the Declaration. By signing it, you are asking decision makers to support the movement for road safety, led by children around the world.
  3. Show your support for the campaign by taking #Safies. Sending #Safies is easy!
    • Just download your own #Safies signboard and snap a photo of you or your kids holding it.
    • Share your Safie with the hashtags #SaveKidsLives and #Safies on your social media accounts – it’s that simple!
  4. Deliver the Declaration. Encourage your friends and family to sign it too. The Declaration will be handed to policy makers by children and campaign supporters globally in a call for action during UN Global Road Safety Week.
Tips to keep kids save on the roads

There are many practical things we can all do daily to reduce the risk of road trauma for children:

  • Know where your children are at all times, especially around vehicles, driveways and roads
  • Never let children play near the road or around driveways
  • Always lock vehicles and leave the keys out of reach
  • Whenever children are in a car, they need to be safely buckled-up either in a seat or a child restraint that is correct for each child’s age and size
  • Show children how to cross the road safely. Remind them to stop, look, listen and think
  • Never leave children alone in a vehicle
  • Set a great example for your child by obeying road rules and always crossing the road at pedestrian crossings or at the lights (when the green walking figure appears).
World Health Organization – Ten Strategies

As part of the #‎SaveKidsLives campaign, the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a ‘Ten Strategies for Keeping Children Safe on the Road’ report to reduce child road traffic injuries.

With the WHO ten strategies, which are outlined in the infographic below, together we can all do more to #SaveKidsLives.

Ten strategies for keeping kids safe on the road

To view the WHO ‘Ten Strategies for Keeping Children Safe on the Road’ report in full, visit http://www.who.int/roadsafety/week/2015

For more information about the UN Global Road Safety Week and the #SaveKidsLives campaign, visit www.savekidslives2015.org

Road safety news

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