Ride to Zero program will initially focus on:

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Develop a mentoring program

This will help support motorcycle riders to upskill by learning from other riders.

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Produce rider resources

Create engaging resources to upskill motorcycle riders.

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Support riding organisations

Work with peer to peer groups to support road safety messaging and continued learning.

Current support for riders

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How’s your Ride Craft?

Find out the importance of keeping your Ride Craft finely tuned by building your riding skills and techniques in our latest campaign with two-time MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner.

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Ride to Zero grants

The Motorcycle Ride to Zero Grants are designed to help local organisations including motorcycle clubs and groups provide opportunities for riders to undertake subsidised post-licence training courses.


Providing opportunities for riders to undertake these courses will support them to enjoy their riding whilst staying safe on Queensland roads.

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