New rules for riders

New rules and increased penalties apply to people riding personal mobility devices (such as e-scooters and e-skateboards) in Queensland.

The changes include:

Reducing speed limits to 12km/h on footpaths and shared paths, unless otherwise signed. The 25km/h limit remains for all other bike paths and roads.

Increasing fines of up to $1078 for dangerous offences involving speed, illegal road use and holding a mobile phone while riding.

Allowing personal mobility devices to be ridden in bike lanes on roads with a speed limit of 50km/h or less, and all on-road bike lanes that are physically separated.

Mandating bells for personal mobility devices with handlebars, like e-scooters.

Aligning personal mobility device riders with bike riders to ensure they are required to follow general road rules, such as stopping at red lights.

Personal mobility devices penalties

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Key rules to follow

Reduced speed on footpaths

Speed limit of 12km/h on footpaths and shared paths unless otherwise signed.

Maximum speed limit

Speed limit of 25km/h on bike paths and roads.

Know where you can ride

Footpaths, shared paths, bike paths, and local streets and on-road bike lanes where the road limit is 50km/h or less.

Leave your phone alone when riding

Always wear a helmet

No doubling

Passengers are not allowed.

PMD riders must be 12 years old or more

12-15 year olds must be supervised.

Don’t drink and ride

Warn pedestrians as you approach

Devices with handlebars must have a bell.

General road rules apply

Use lights and reflectors after dark

Park your PMD in a safe space out of the way of other path users

Rules for Riders

Where you can ride & speed limits

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Mobile phone use

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Age limits & Doubling

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Safety gear

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Safe parking

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Sharing the road with PMDs

The PMD rule changes affect different groups of road users and pedestrians. View how it will affect cars, bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians by clicking the link below.

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