Queensland road safety campaigns

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Driver's side view from the vehicle onto the road

Regional roads aren’t a game

With long travel distances, high-speed limits, and some unpredictable conditions, driving in regional areas takes some serious concentration. So, we asked 50 young Queenslanders to create an ad campaign to help their mates slow down and stay safe.

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Yellow road sign that says, 'Keep safe this road trip.'

Safe Road Tripping

Read on for road safety topics and messages to help all drivers share Queensland roads safely.

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Screenshot from traffic light CCTV footage that says 'Tailgating is dangerous'

Dangerous habits

You might be surprised to know that dangerous habits like tailgating, not giving way, and running red lights, contributed to half of all serious crashes* in Queensland.

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Person on laptop looking at car safety ratings on SafeCars app

Safe cars

Make safety a top priority when purchasing a car and check a car’s safety rating before you buy it. Check out our SafeCars tool to help you search for the safest car in your budget.

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Man holding phone

Driver Offence Notification

If you get fined at the roadside while driving someone else’s vehicle, the registered operator of the vehicle may be notified. The Driver Offence Notification is a courtesy email to notify the person or organisation of an offence that you commit in their vehicle.

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*Average 5 years 2016-2020