What will it be tonight?

There’s a wide range of consequences on offer when you drink and drive. Some leave a bitter taste in your mouth like Job Loss and Interlock Shame. Others hit hard like Whiplash or Ute Prang. Then there’s RBT and Lose Your Licence which are both guaranteed to make your night unforgettable. Remember, if you drink and drive the consequences are in your hands.

A man behind the wheel, experiencing whiplash in a car crash

Over 20% of deaths on Queensland’s roads are a result of drink driving

A white car with it's door deformed from a car crash

Alcohol-related crashes caused 64 deaths and 890 hospitalisations in 2021

A man in the driver's seat looking at the post-crash inflated airbag

People under 40 make up the majority of these lives lost


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If a mate is going to drink and drive, call them out.

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