Driving in Queensland

If you are driving while in Queensland, here are some tips to help keep you and your travel companions safe.

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A male and female stop at a regional driver revive rest area leaning on their silver 4WD.

Safe road tripping

Excited to be off road tripping these school holidays? With more traffic expected on the roads, if you make sure safety is your top priority then you’re good to go.

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Driver using gaming controller to drive a car

Regional roads aren’t a game

With long travel distances, high-speed limits, and some unpredictable conditions, driving in regional areas takes some serious concentration. So, we asked 50 young Queenslanders to create an ad campaign to help their mates slow down and stay safe.

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Sunset travelling south east of Cloncurry on Landsborough Highway

Outback-up Plan

Check this out to make sure you’re fully prepared for your outback drive.
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Caravan Towing Capacity Fact Sheet

Check out our caravan towing fact sheet to make sure you are at a safe weight before you hit the road!


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