How’s your Ride Craft?

A man in full riding gear riding a motorbike in a rural area.

Keeping your Ride Craft in check Even 2-time World Champions like Casey Stoner understand the importance of keeping their Ride Craft finely tuned. Join Casey as he talks everything Ride Craft and shares why it’s essential to keep it in check. Building on your skills is an important part of your Ride Craft Riding techniques […]

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Wear the seatbelt properly

What are the potential injuries? Wearing your seatbelt incorrectly can be just as bad as not wearing one at all due to the severe injuries that can occur. More information on seatbelts For more details on seatbelt rules, penalties and exemptions go to: Seatbelt rules | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government ( […]

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Drinking? Never Drive.

What will it be tonight? There’s a wide range of consequences on offer when you drink and drive. Some leave a bitter taste in your mouth like Job Loss and Interlock Shame. Others hit hard like Whiplash or Ute Prang. Then there’s RBT and Lose Your Licence which are both guaranteed to make your night […]

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