Mates motel

The Mates Motel setup The Mates Motel BBQ Wake up at your Mates Motel Mates Motel menu The day after a session at your Mates Motel, you might wake up bleary-eyed and disorientated. So, it’s a good idea to hang out for the late checkout, rather than take off right away. One thing you’ll need […]

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Drive smarter, not faster

Speedometer at 65 km/h

A world-first: using neuroscience to stop speeding Try an experiment today! Each experiment is designed for different learning styles — try as many as you can to find one that’s right for you. Here’s just one successful experiment: Acknowledging Other Drivers. 50% of speeding crashes happen just 1-10 km/h over the limit.Based on an analysis […]

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Let’s change the way we look at speed

Who’s hurt by speeding? One in three people killed or injured in crashes involving speed are not the driver of the vehicle. Find out why these road users are so vulnerable. See the truth behind the excuse. Where to next? Explore these popular road safety topics on StreetSmarts. […]

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