The world’s most unplayable controller

unplyabl controller

Deadly stick drifts

Built with joystick drifts to replicate that feeling when you’ve had a few drinks which impairs your ability to steer and stay in the lane.

Cognitively impaired buttons

Remapped buttons to demonstrate how drinking impairs your cognitive ability on the road.

Shocking latency

Added input lag to simulate how drinking delays our response time. We all know milliseconds count in gaming, as they do on our roads.

unplyabl controller collage

Experience gaming with a killer twist

A powerful demonstration of how alcohol impairs cognitive abilities. Just like in gaming, driving also counts on muscle memory and reflexes and this gaming controller has been designed to show how drinking can impact them- potentially leading to deadly outcomes.
 So, whether you like drinking solo or in multiplayer settings, drink driving is not something to play with. Drinking? Never drive. 

Never drive.