Slow down and drive to the conditions

Since 2015, nearly 90% of fatal crashes involving young drivers on rural roads happened in high-speed zones. Think of speed limits as the maximum speed for ideal conditions. If they’re not ideal, slow down.

Reducing your speed to suit the road conditions can help you stay safe and in control.

Expecting the unexpected

Weather warning

Bad weather can cloud your judgement. So, turn on your lights, slow down, and give the car in front more room. If you’re worried, find a safe place to pull over and wait it out.

See and be seen

Turn on your headlights when visibility is low and remember to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife and livestock.

Play nicely

Heavy vehicles take longer to stop, so give them plenty of room on the road. That way, everyone wins.

Play by the rules

Take it easy on steep and bendy roads. Follow the signs and remember, only overtake if it’s safe and legal.

Dirt alert

What’s under your tyres will affect your ride. So slow things down and take it easy on gravel, dirt roads and beaches.

Pay attention

You never know what’s around the corner – even if you’ve driven it a million times. Stay alert, slow down and give yourself enough time to react.

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