Move over and slow down

First responders put their lives at risk every day when working in roadside environments. To keep them safe, new laws will be introduced later this year.

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Sharing the road

A little courtesy on the road goes a long way to improve safety. Check out our tips on how to be a safer, more conciderate road user.

Whether you’re on two wheels, four, or more, or on two legs – we are all responsible for keeping each other and ourselves safe on the road.

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SafeCars Tool

Make safety a top priority when purchasing a car – you want the safest model you can afford, so if a car scores less than four stars (out of five stars), don’t take the risk.

Search for a safe car here within your budget by price range or make and model to compare vehicle’s safety ratings – either Used Car Safety Rating (UCSR) or Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

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Regional driving

In Australia, less than one third of the population lives in regional and remote areas,1 but nearly two thirds of all fatal road crashes occur on rural and remote roads.2

We have put together a few tips on safe driving in regional Queensland.

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Outback driving

Queensland outback is a beautiful place for a road trip with its wide-open spaces, wildlife, and quaint townships. But before you hit the road, there’re a few things to consider – discover Queensland Outback safely with our Outback Driving tips.

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Roadworkers and roadworks

Driving safely around roadworks and roadworkers is essential to ensure everyone makes it home at the end of the day.

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Breakdown safety

Get practical tips on what to do if you breakdown to stay safe. Includes easy steps and videos.

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