Animated image of a man and a woman in a car with seatbelts on

Facts about distractions - animated video

Click the link below to view the ‘facts about distractions’ animated video.

Watch on YouTube (1:02)
Factsheet with road signs and rules

Factsheet - Follow the Signs

Learn more about the road signs in Queensland.

Download (PDF, 785 KB)
Thumbnail of Factsheet - Safe Towing

Factsheet - Safe Towing

Towing a trailer requires additional driving skills, concentration, and safety precautions.

Download (PDF, 439 KB)
Mini Road Signs

DIY Mini Road Signs

Have fun making these DIY Mini Road Signs during Qld Road Safety Week!

Download (PDF, 218 KB)
Hand-waver Flags

Hand-waver Flags

Follow these easy instructions to create your own flags to spread the excitement this Road Safety Week.

Download (PDF, 300 KB)
Find-a-word game


Test yourself with this road safety themed find-a-word.

Download (PDF, 374 KB)
Decorative bunting

Decorative Bunting

Download and cut out this bunting to decorate your home, school or office in celebration of Road Safety Week.

Download (PDF, 1 MB)

Colouring-in Poster

Get creative with this road safety themed colouring-in poster.

Download (PDF, 225 KB)
Thumbnail of Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation

Celebrate someone in your community with this downloadable certificate of appreciation.

Download (PDF, 136 KB)
Thumbnail of Seatbelts and restraints - A4 fact sheet

Seatbelts and restraints - A4 fact sheet

Get all the facts on seatbelts in one place. Download and distribute to help spread the road safety message.

Download (PDF, 143 KB)