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Co-Lab Youth Road Safety Challenge

Last year at the Co-Lab Youth Road Safety Challenge, some of Queensland's brightest creative minds were set an epic challenge: tackle the issue of death and injury on our roads and why it's accepted as part of everyday life.

This year, we’re on the hunt for young creatives from all around Queensland to attend Co-Lab 2019 to answer another life-changing brief.

Kick start your career by creating a real ad campaign

This is your chance to work with other brilliant young creative minds on a real road safety campaign. If your team has the best idea, you’ll get to make the campaign and get paid $1500 each!

  1. 1.5 Day workshop
  2. Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 March, 2019
  3. 80 brilliant young minds
  4. Everyone gets paid $325
  5. Winning team gets $1500 each
  6. Get inspired and mentored by industry leaders
  7. Guest speakers from internationally renowned agencies
  8. Applicants outside of Brisbane will get free flights and accommodation

Applications for this year's challenge are now closed.

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Group of attendees listening to a speaker at a podium
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Creative young minds tackle the road toll

Every year, between 200 and 300 lives are lost on Queensland roads. Over 6,000 more people are hospitalised with serious injuries. The numbers are shocking, but they are often met with complacency. On the 3rd and 4th of October last year, 77 young people were set the task of challenging our acceptance of the Queensland road toll.

To help inspire our teams, advertising experts, psychologists and behavioural researchers all presented their unique insights on the issue. The 16 teams then set about brainstorming effective and out-of-the-box campaign ideas that would resonate with their peers.

Big ideas that change attitudes

The judges were blown away by the impressive effort shown by every team at Co-Lab 2017. Presented with a challenging brief, the teams managed to create intelligent and insightful campaigns in the short timeframe given. Ideas included a huge range of executions including social media campaigns, online videos and creative slogans.

The presentations were outstanding, leaving the judges with a very difficult decision as to which idea was the winner. After much deliberation, they selected not one, but two winning ideas: Group 15's 'Road to Zero' and Group 6's 'Not Good Enough'. Congratulations to the members of both teams and thanks to all who participated.

Group of attendees listening to a speaker at a podium

Creating the Co-Lab campaign

The winning 'Road to zero' team had the chance to help bring their own campaign idea to life. The team members were invited into the creative agency to develop their idea further with the help of creative, digital and social media mentors.

Each member was then given the opportunity to watch their campaign concept become reality by going behind the scenes at the shoot in late June 2018. Meeting with directors, cast and crew, they were on-call to give their thoughts on the campaign's creation.

Check out the latest Co-Lab campaign and behind the scenes footage below.

“To other young people that are thinking of going to Co-Lab I would say just do it, It's a great opportunity to share your ideas, meet new people and create something amazing." - Xanthe Johnston, winning team member, 2017

“I think our idea will change the minds of people or age and impact the way they approach deaths in our roads” – Mikaela Lawlor, winning team member, 2017

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