Getting ready for your learner licence?

Learner driver applying an L-plate to their car

Before you can apply for a learner licence, you will need to complete PrepL.

PrepL is the online learning and assessment program that teaches the road rules and why they exist. It replaces the written test for getting a learner licence.

You can enrol in PrepL if you are at least 15 years and 11 months old. This will give you time to work through PrepL, so that you will be eligible to get your learner licence on your 16th birthday.

To find out more, including how to enrol, visit the link below:

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Got your L or P plate?

Young woman sitting in driver's seat of car holds Learner's plate up


For learner drivers, you are now on your way to building up your driving skills and experience before going for your P1 or P2 provisional licence. Use this time to get lots of supervised on-road experience.

Find out about the criteria to meet before progressing from your learner licence by clicking the link below:

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A young person and their driving learning supervisor in a car


For P platers, make sure you always have your red or green P plate on your car. There are certain restrictions that apply when holding a P1 or P2 licence.

As our newest drivers, there is a lot to remember, and keeping your focus on the road at all times is key. Remind your passengers that you need to focus too.

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More useful tools & tips for L&P platers

Driver putting her phone into a compartment not to be distracted when driving

Mobile phone use

There are very specific rules for learner and provisional drivers regarding allowable uses of mobile phones while driving.

Find out more on:

Front shots of two cars, one of them with a P-plate

Defensive driving

Considering doing a defensive driving course? Get the facts on defensive driving courses here.

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Person on laptop looking at car safety ratings on SafeCars app

Buying your first car

Driving the safest car you can afford is an immediate action that can improve the odds of walking away from a crash.

Visit the Car safety section of this site to use the safe cars search function and practical tips and tricks to buy the safest car for your budget.

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