You Lapse, You Lose.

Driving over the speed limit is a lapse. And on the road, you lapse? You lose. Even speeding just a few kilometres over the limit will cost you $287, but it could cost you much more. Your licence, your job, your reputation and your life are at stake when you speed.

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Speeding is driving faster than the posted speed limit. It also means driving too fast for the conditions and the driver’s skill and experience.

Speeding is one of the major killers on Queensland roads. On average 58 people are killed and 295 seriously injured each year on Queensland roads as a result of speed-related crashes. Many of those hospitalised will suffer from the effects of their injuries for the rest of their lives³.

Driving within the speed limit maximises your stopping distance, giving you more time to react to:

  • the actions of other road users around you like vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • changes to the road environment itself such as pot holes and obstacles.

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