Seatbelts and restraints

Seatbelts every time

Your seatbelt can be the difference between life and death.
A crash without one at just 40km/h has the same impact as falling from a two-storey building.
Seatbelts every time – even on roads you know and at low speeds.

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More reasons to buckle up

$413 + 3 demerits
$413 + 3 demeritS

Face a hefty fine every time you drive without a seatbelt.

double demerits
Double Demerits

No seatbelt again? Say goodbye to 6 demerits and another $413.

mates can cost you
Mates can cost you

You’ll cop a $413 fine and 3 demerits per unbuckled passenger.

Click here for more details on seatbelt fines, demerit points and double demerit points.

Still not convinced?

Check our out latest seatbelt campaigns.

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More on seatbelts and restraints

Mobile phone and seatbelt camera detection
Mobile phone and seatbelt camera detection

Cameras will soon be in use across QLD to detect drivers and their front seat passengers not wearing seatbelts.

Child restraints
Child restraints

Children aged up to 7 years must use a child restraint suitable for their age and size.

It is recommended to use a restraint that is less than 10 years old.

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