Seatbelts and restraints

Tighten your belt

Wearing a seatbelt halves your risk of dying or being seriously injured in a crash.

Buckling up means you’ll save a $400 fine and 3 demerit points. This applies to both drivers and any passengers aged 16 years or older.
Drivers can also be fined $400 and 3 points for each and every passenger in their vehicle not wearing their seatbelt or approved child restraint, regardless of the passengers’ age.
Double demerit points also apply for some repeat offences.

Imagine getting a fine for $400 and 3 demerit points, or worse for something as silly and preventable as not wearing your seatbelt. So, remember: always tighten your belt.

Click here for more details on seatbelt fines, demerit points and double demerit points.

brown wallet wrapped up in a seatbelt

Tighten your belt

Save the $400 fine and your life
$400 worth of prawns

Imagine how many kilos of prawns $400 could buy this summer. Buckle up and avoid the fine. #tightenyourbelt

Tighten your belt

Saving for your next holiday? Avoid the $400 per person fine by ensuring everyone is buckled up before driving. #tightenyourbelt

$400 worth of fishing gear

$400 could buy a lot of stuff this summer. How about a you beaut new fishing rod? Buckle up and avoid the fine. #tightenyourbelt

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