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It’s easy to get involved. From simply improving your road behaviour to applying for a Road Safety Grant, we can all help make our road community safer. Every time you’re on the road, use it smarter, think about your actions and be more present.

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5 ways to make a difference...

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Join the conversation on Facebook

Join over 140,000 Queenslanders having their say on road safety.

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Buy the safest car you can afford

Our handy guide will help you find the safest used cars for your budget.

Safe cars on StreetsSmarts

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Share the road with care

Find out how we can all do our part to help keep our roads safer for everyone.

Share the road campaign

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Get your road safety idea funded

Make a real difference by applying for a share in $50,000 to make your road safety idea a reality.

Apply for a community grant

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Stay focused on the road

Find out all the best tips to be smarter about distraction and more present when you are using the road.

Tips to avoid distraction

Things you can do today...

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Before you start drinking, plan your #LiftLegend

Tips for getting home safely

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Buy the safest car within your budget

Tips for buying a safe car

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Get familiar with your car’s blind spots

Tips for sharing the road

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Stay wider of the rider

Rules for passing bicycle riders safely

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Always wear your seatbelt

Get the facts about seatbelts

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Bring back the wave

Watch “One good deed”

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Have a Plan B before you start drinking

Tips for getting home safely

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Control your speed

Learn the risks of speeding

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