Your #LiftLegend is anyone below the legal BAC limit who can get you home safely after you’ve been drinking. They might be your mum or dad, your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. They might be your best mate, a bus driver or taxi driver or even a work mate. But hey, maybe you can be a #LiftLegend too. So don’t drink & drive, plan your #LiftLegend instead.

Plan your #LiftLegend

You can nominate your legend on our Facebook page ‑ just tag their name and write a nice message.

Plan your #LiftLegend via text

Simply cut and paste your choice of message below, tweak the details to suit your situation, then text it to your #LiftLegend.

Why not try pre-planning your #LiftLegend?

Hey <#LiftLegend’s name>. I’ve got a <work thing> on <Friday night>, any chance you could be my #LiftLegend around <9pm>? Promise I’ll have your back next time.

Caught short in the moment? Try this.

Hey <#LiftLegend’s name>. Any chance you could be my #LiftLegend tonight? Turns out the <insert event here> went a little longer than expected, and I’ve maybe enjoyed one-maybe-two more than expected…

Consider the power of #LiftLegend credit.

Hey <#LiftLegend’s name>. I’m having a dry weekend, so if you need me to be a #LiftLegend for you, just ask — I’ll be there for you. Cos, um, next weekend is my <insert event here> and I might need the #LiftLegend favour returned. You know… next weekend.

Or, go the emoji. You know, if you’re hip like that.

🍷🦅😍. I can fly higher than an emoji eagle, ‘cos you are the wind beneath my wings. Any chance of a #LiftLegend from <location & time>?

You can also send your #LiftLegend a personalised message on Facebook or Twitter

Drink driving – the facts

Sketch of a man with a lightbulb above his head

7% of Queenslanders admit to driving when they are over the alcohol limit, while 18% admit to driving the next day when they may be over the limit 1.

1. Footprints Market Research, Understanding Risky Driving Behaviour, March 2018.

Sketch of red traffic light with clouds behind it

On average, 55 people are killed and 550 seriously injured each year on Queensland roads as a result of drink driving 2.

2. Department of Transport and Main Roads Qld. Unpublished data extracted 27 June 2018 using road casualty statistics 2013-2017.

Sketch of a car on the road and a person next to it walking along the sidewalk

31% of 18-24 year olds in Queensland report driving the next morning when they may be over the limit 3.

3. Footprints Market Research, Understanding Risky Driving Behaviour, March 2018.

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