Stay at your Mates Motel

If your mates have been drinking let them know they don’t have to drive home. They’re welcome to your sofa, bean bag, bathtub, stale corn chips... whatever.

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Mates Motel menu

The day after a session at your Mates Motel, you might wake up bleary eyed and disorientated. So, it’s a good idea to hang out for the late check out, rather than take off right away. One thing you’ll need to keep you going is food. What do you do when you’ve got hungry mates crashed at your place and nothing to eat but left over party foods? You improvise.

A breakfast pizza with a pizza cutter lying next to it on a wooden bench
Breakfast pizza
Basically bacon and eggs with cheese on a pizza base. Left over cold cuts make a great replacement for bacon and any fancy soft cheeses will add extra flavour. Pop it on a pizza and shove it under the grill. Then let the headache drift away on the greasy seas of melted cheese.
A donut burger with and individual pouring tomato sauce over it
Donut burger
Use two glazed donuts as your burger bun, then pile on the meat and cheese and you’ve got yourself an epic breakfast donut burger worthy of a king.
An italian taco with a jar of pickles next to it on a wooden bench
Italian taco
Take your taco to the next level. Use a leftover slice of pizza as a taco shell. Then fill it up with sour cream mince and cheese. Total power move.
Noodles, egg and bacon in a bowl with a pair of chopsticks laying across the bowl
Brekkie noodles
Crack an egg in your mi goreng and mix in some leftover cold cuts from Christmas lunch to take it up a notch. Bam! You’re in flavour country.
Nachos laying in an oven dish with some empty cans laying behind it
Budget nachos
Left over corn chips, sausages, dips and cheese can make some mean nachos for your mates.
Two glasses next to each other with a green smoothie liquid in them
Health kickstart
Just get whatever fruit is laying around put it in a blender with some ice and whizz it up.
A sausage laying on a white piece of bread with tomato sauce on top
Classic sausage and sauce sarnie.
Left over sausages and a splash of tomato sauce make great early morning fuel to keep your guests going.
A small bowl of potato salad with two sausages stuck in it sitting on an outdoor table
Potato salad dippers
Grab some cold sausages from the barbie and dip them in potato salad for creamy meaty morning goodness.

Rethink drinking and walking

When you’ve been drinking you think you’re a really good dancer – but really you look like a newborn giraffe on an ice rink. So you think you can walk? Think again.

Cartoon of car and sidewalk with footprints going in a straight line on the sidewalk
Cartoon of car and sidewalk with footprints going in a wavy direction across sidewalk
Cartoon of footprints going from sidewalk onto road and back again with a key, wallet and ID laying on the road with a car approaching
More than 30% of pedestrians killed on the road have .05 BAC.

So before you go staggering off into the night, plan another way home. And whatever you do, make sure it isn’t riding a bike!

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