Driver Offence Notification

The Driver Offence Notification service is a courtesy email that can help you monitor and influence the on-road behaviour of your child when you let them use your motorcycle, car or truck. You will receive a Driver Offence Notification when your child or someone else commits an offence and is issued a fine at the roadside in your vehicle. Sign up to this service by providing us your email.

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Fines are issued to deter unsafe driving behaviours. A higher fine indicates an increased crash risk and therefore an offence with a higher severity. If you receive a notification about a roadside offence committed in your vehicle, we encourage you to have a conversation about road safety. This may help to reduce the chance of your child, or someone else, getting injured or even killed on our roads.

Talk to your kids about road safety

If you receive a Driver Offence Notification because your child was driving your vehicle unsafely, it may be useful to talk to them about why their behaviour is unsafe and the consequences of unsafe driving. If the offence was related to a misunderstanding of the road rules, it may be useful to brush up on the rules through PrepL Supervisor (opens an external site) before talking to your child about their behaviour. It may also be helpful to point out where information about the road rules (opens an external site), such as the "Your Keys to Driving in Queensland" publication, is available online.

Remember, you hold the keys to who drives your vehicle.

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