Ride Craft

If you're a motorcyclist, your Ride Craft is really just a combination of your head, your heart and your gut. And, just like your bike, you've got to keep it tuned up — because your Ride Craft might just save your life.

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How’s your Ride Craft?

The great thing about Ride Craft is you can always improve it. Here are just a handful of ways you can make every ride smarter and safer.

Ride Craft Tune-Up Tips

View of rider on BMW motorcycle leaning into corner
Rider protection

Protecting yourself is more than just sticking to the speed limit and adhering to road rules.

Here are some tips to keep tuned up.

View of rider on BMW motorcycle leaning into corner

The faster you go, the harder you hit. And on a bike, you’ll always come off second-best. The only thing speeding gets you closer to is a crash.

Ariel shot of long winding country road passing over a body of water
Alcohol and drugs

Even small amounts of alcohol and drugs affect your riding ability. If you’re under the influence, don’t get on the bike in the first place.

Lady taking off her helmet while standing behind a red Ducati motorcycle

Riding tired affects reaction times and impairs judgement. Take a break or don’t get on the bike in the first place if you’re tired.

View of winding road with warning sign mentioning cattle grids and live stock up ahead

At 80km/h you travel 44m in just 2 seconds, so always stay focused and leave time and space to react.

Close up shot of a rider wearing full white and black leather riding gear on a BMW S1000RR motorcycle
Gear and maintenance

Look after yourself and look after your bike. The right gear and regular maintenance can save your life, read more.

Rider experience

Regardless of if you have thousands of KM's under your belt, or you're just starting out, you can always improve your Ride Craft.

View of BMW motorcycle rider leaning over and taking a corner

I'm an experienced or returning rider

Never been out of the saddle? You can still get better. Been off the bike for a while and coming back to riding? You need to refresh your Ride Craft.

Hone your Ride Craft
View of BMW motorcycle rider with open face helmet driving on road towards camera

I’m a beginner rider

New to riding and want to develop your skills? The simple fact is, developing and making the most of your Ride Craft can help you become a better rider and get more out of the open road.

Develop your Ride Craft

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Sharing the road

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Know your stuff? Take this quiz and test your knowledge on all things Motorcycle safety.

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