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Read on for road safety topics and messages to help all drivers share Queensland roads safely.

Driver Offence Notification

If you get fined at the roadside while driving someone else's vehicle, the registered operator of the vehicle may be notified. The Driver Offence Notification is a courtesy email to notify the person or organisation of an offence that you commit in their vehicle.

Does someone else drive your vehicle?

If you want to know when someone else commits a roadside offence in your vehicle, provide us your email to sign up to receive Driver Offence Notifications.

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If someone else is driving your vehicle unsafely and you know about it, remember, you hold the keys to influence their behaviour and can play a vital role in helping us to reduce future road trauma. It may be useful to have a road safety conversation about safer driving behaviours and the importance of knowing and following the rules. StreetSmarts can help as there are resources and tools available to get you talking about the importance of road safety and the consequences of unsafe driving.

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