Queensland Road Safety Week

Queensland Road Safety Week – 26 to 30 August 2019

This Queensland Road Safety Week, join us and put road safety first.

While many people think of road crashes as something that happens to someone else, the truth is one in two Queenslanders have either been involved in a road crash or know someone who has.

In 2018, 245 people were killed on Queensland roads and more than 5,606* people were seriously injured.

To recognise Queensland Road Safety Week this year, we’re asking Queenslanders to put road safety first.

No matter how busy you are, no matter what else is demanding your attention: every time you use the road, make road safety your first priority – whether you’re walking, riding a bike or motorcycle, travelling in a car, towing a caravan, or driving a heavy vehicle (or you know someone who is).

You can get involved by:

  • attending or hosting an event in your community - find an event or register here
  • starting a conversation about road safety and sharing our road safety tips
  • supporting #QRSW2019 and #RoadSafetyF1rst on social media.

Check out our tips and tools to get you started below.

Queensland Road Safety Week is a Queensland Government initiative, delivered in partnership by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Queensland Police Service.

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC), RACQ and the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) are proud supporters.

Tips for hosting an event

Thanks for hosting an event to support Queensland Road Safety Week! As an event host, you can get your workplace, community group or club, school, friends and family involved in making Queensland roads safer for everyone – find tips and resources to help you here.

To plan your event, think about the road safety topics that are most important to you or choose one of the event ideas below.

Once you’ve planned your event, make sure you register it on the Queensland Road Safety Week website and share your #RoadSafetyF1rst messages and event photos on social media. Check out our Social Media section for more tips.

For workplaces, clubs and community groups:

  • Community BBQ or morning tea – invite your colleagues or community to a BBQ or morning tea and start a conversation about putting road safety first.
  • Share on social media – share photos of your event or film a short video of yourself, your colleagues, family or friends to highlight what road safety means to you and post on social media tagging #QRSW2019 and # RoadSafetyF1rst.
  • Decorate and display – create a pop-up road safety display in your office, shed or community centre.
  • Take the road safety quiz – challenge your team, colleagues or friends to take our road safety quiz and award a prize to the person with the most correct answers.
  • Safety toolbox talk - start a conversation about a road safety topic at a toolbox talk. Reflect on your behaviour on the roads and make a pledge to ensure road safety is your first priority.

Use the event poster, flags, bunting, certificate and road safety quiz as part of your events and activities.

For schools:

  • Q&A on crossing the road safely – invite your School Crossing Supervisor to a Q&A session to remind students how to safely cross the road.
  • Host a school assembly – invite guest speakers to talk to staff and students about why it's important to put road safety first.
  • Organise a special visit to your school – invite road safety specialists such as school crossing supervisors or emergency services officers to speak to students about relevant road safety topics.
  • Road safety reminders - include a message about road safety in your school newsletter, letters to parents, website and social media.

Road Safety reminders for schools

Put road safety first every day

During Queensland Road Safety Week from 26 to 30 August 2019, we're calling on you to put road safety at the top of your list.

The theme for this year's Qld Road Safety Week is Road Safety F1rst. We're all getting busier and often multi-task to get through the day – even when using the roads. It's especially important to be road safe around our school by:

  • Following school zone speed limits
  • Obeying parking signage, especially in drop off and pick up zones
  • Never double parking
  • Obeying the directions of crossing supervisors at all times.

Why not take the opportunity to start a conversation with your family about what road safety means to you and how you put road safety first.

Visit the StreetSmarts website for road safety resources and more information on Queensland Road Safety Week.

Resources to help:

Tips for Social Media

Use your social media channels to spread the #RoadSafetyF1rst message!

Show your support for #QRSW2019

A simple way to show your support for Queensland Road Safety Week is to post a message promoting the week to your followers. Use our imagery (links below) the thought starters we’ve created or compose your own message to encourage those closest to you to put road safety first, and be sure to include the hashtags #QRSW2019 and #RoadSafetyF1rst and tag @StreetSmartsQLD.

Download these Social images to use on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts.

Suggested copy: This Queensland Road Safety Week, I’m supporting @StreetSmarts and @QueenslandPoliceService by pledging to put road safety first and make safer Queensland roads my top priority – and I want you to join me! Road safety is everyone’s responsibility so let’s make sure everyone gets home safely. #QRSW2019 #RoadSafetyF1rst

Use social media to share your event

You’ve planned your event and you’re ready to help your community put road safety first. So, what’s next?

Use your social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or others – to help spread the word. And it’s not just event organisers that can spread the word, tell people coming to your event to promote your event on their channels too. You can ask them to share your post and tag people by using @and their name (e.g. @Trevor) in your post.

Choosing your social channels

Use the social media channels you already have access to – or if you don’t, consider creating an account. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular platforms, but you don’t have to choose – share the message on all three! You can also use Facebook to set up an events page – remember to register your event on our website first then link your Facebook event through to the details on our event page and share away!

Share photos from your event

Sharing fun snaps on the day of your event is a great way to involve your followers in the fun and meaning behind your event. Be sure to include the hashtags #QRSW2019 and #RoadSafetyF1rst and tag @StreetSmartsQLD, and encourage your guests to do the same when sharing their own content.


We’d love to hear from you on social media too! You can share your thoughts on any of our channels or feel free to send us a direct message.

While you’re there, make sure you like and share our posts and show your support for #QRSW2019.

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Road safety conversation starters

Use these messages to start a conversation about road safety with your family, in your community, workplace, school or group. Starting a road safety conversation with your friends and loved ones could save a life or prevent serious injuries resulting from a crash.

The StreetSmarts website is a hub of road safety information for all Queenslanders.
Whether you’re a driver, passenger, pedestrian, bike rider, motorcyclist or use rideables, you'll find tips to help you be safer and smarter on our roads.

We’re getting busier and busier, multitasking every second of the day – even when we’re behind the wheel, riding our bikes or walking.
Often, we’re putting road safety way down on our list of priorities.
But it’s time it moved up the ranks.

Do you drive distracted?
Find yourself reaching for your phone when stopped at traffic lights or stuck in traffic?

Remove the temptation and put your phone out of reach in your glovebox, handbag or even your car boot.
Check out the Driver Distractions fact sheet for more information.

Do you put vehicle safety F1rst?
Does a car's paint job rate higher on your list than its safety features?

Drive the safest car you can afford and check your car's safety rating on the SafeCars app.
Use our helpful checklist designed to make purchasing a safe car safe, easy!

It’s time to pay attention to heavy vehicles
Do you merge in front of trucks without thinking about how much room they need to slow down or stop suddenly?

Say 'One Toowoomba, Two Toowoomba' out loud as you drive and make sure you're at least two Toowoombas in front of or behind large vehicles.
Learn more about Heavy Vehicle Safety here.

Can you improve your ride?
Has it been a while since you brushed up on your skills before you ride?

Your Sixth Sense is that unique instinct that all riders share that help us navigate road conditions.
Learn how to hone your Sixth Sense with these top motorbike tips.

Do you multi-task while walking?
Are you checking that meme your friend sent you on your phone while crossing the road?

Activate your real-life notifications by putting your phone in your bag and keeping your eyes on the road or path ahead and your surroundings.
Check out our tips on pedestrian safety here.

Do you know the rules around Personal Mobility Devices?
Are you riding your e-scooter in a bike lane on the road?

E-scooters and rideables should be used on paths wherever possible, so stick to the paths.
For more information on Personal Mobility Devices click here.

Are you a speeder?
Do you find yourself creeping over the speed limit, sometimes without knowing it?

Try one of our neuroscience-based experiments to help you stop speeding.
Learn how to Drive smarter, not faster here.

Could you be as dangerous as a drunk driver?
Do you drive even though you're constantly burning the candle at both ends?

Plan your journey and take regular rest breaks on long trips, especially if you’re driving when you’d usually be sleeping.
Find out how fatigue can affect your ability to put Road Safety F1rst here.

Don’t have time to buckle up?
Do you think it’s okay to skip wearing your seatbelt if you're only driving up the road to somewhere nearby?

Wear your seatbelt, every trip, without exception. Think about the people who would be impacted if you were badly injured or killed in a crash.
Click here for more information on buckling up.

Is taking medication part of your routine?
Do you read the label to see if your medication will affect your driving?

Every time you buy your medication, check the label first to see if it affects your driving and regularly review the side effects of your medications on your planned activities.
Learn more about drugs & driving here.

Event calendar

Register your event, or search our event page to join a Queensland Road Safety Week event near you.

For more information on how to get involved

Website: https://streetsmarts.initiatives.qld.gov.au
Facebook: facebook.com/StreetSmartsQLD
Twitter: twitter.com/StreetSmartsQLD
Instagram: instagram.com/StreetSmartsQLD
Email: StreetSmarts@qld.gov.au

Contact your local Road Safety Team.

  1. *as at 30 October 2018
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