QRSW 2022 logo stating 'Road safety starts with me'

Everyone has a role in keeping our roads safe

Road safety starts with all of us and during Queensland Road Safety Week 2022, we have asked Queenslanders to
‘Go Yellow’ to show their support.

Is there anything you can do to make the road more safe?
Here are a few simple ideas to get you started:

An icon portraying importance of indicating when driving

Always use your indicator

This little yellow light is one of the most important things you can use on the road to keep safe. It lets other drivers know your intentions and allows them to act accordingly.

An icon with a smiley face

Smiling at others

Smiling is a simple way that road safety can start with you. Studies show that it can put you in a positive mood and helps you drive safer.

An icon with two vehicles and a safe gap between them

Leaving a gap

Keeping  a  safe  distance from the car in front is an important part of road safety. That’s two-seconds in ideal conditions. Four-seconds at night or in the rain.

An icon with a wave as a way to say 'Thank you' on the road

Waving to say thanks

A simple action like the ‘thank you’ wave makes driving a lot more pleasant and safe for everyone.
You’ll put others in a good mood and reduce the likelihood of erratic driving.

Two animated cars sharing the road

Sharing the road

No matter how you travel, sharing the road with other drivers is the way to go. On the road, as everywhere in life, a little courtesy to those around you goes a long way.

An icon with a yellow t-shirt

Go yellow

During QRSW, we encourage all Queenslanders to wear and share yellow to support road safety!

Group of people wearing yellow for QLD Road Safety Week 2022

See how Queenslanders went yellow for road safety

We loved seeing your Queensland Road Safety Week photos – see the highlights in the gallery below, and on our socials.

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Factsheet with road signs and rules

Learn more about road safety with our downloadables

You can access Queensland Road Safety Week resources any time, including DIY mini road signs, find-a-word, colouring in sheets, and road safety quizzes.

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test their road safety knowledge

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