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New Australians given a helping hand to get on the road

Having a driver licence can help new Australians to get around and be part of the community, particularly in regional areas where public transport options are limited. That’s why StreetSmarts to Save Lives has teamed up with Mackay Regional Council to get 25 migrants on the road.

Migrants often don’t have a family member who can help them learn to drive. This can make getting the required hours of driving training difficult and expensive. The council’s new program gives each learner driver 10 one hour driving lessons with an accredited driving school. Learners are then matched with a licensed volunteer to fulfill the remaining 70 hours of supervised training. That way they can be fully prepared for their practical driving test.

So far, 14 of the 25 participants have gained their licence and the other 11 are on their way. Once participants have gained their open driver licence (after the three year provisional period), they will be encouraged to return to the program as mentors for new migrants. It’s the program that keeps on giving.

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Community news

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