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When the community comes together, we can make the roads safer for everyone. Read on to see what others are doing in their communities.

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For too long people have felt that road crashes happen to 'other' people. The fact is, crashes happen to everyday people doing everyday things. Road safety can be improved if each of us understands the practical things we can do to keep ourselves safer on the roads.

Did you know that human factors are identified as a contributing factor in 95 per cent of all road crashes?

The upside of this statistic, is that there are many things we can do as road users to prevent road crashes.

Most importantly, remember to drive safely and avoid the fatal five. How?

  1. Make your car a phone free zone
  2. Buckle up
  3. Rest every 2 hours to stay focused
  4. If you're drinking, plan not to drive
  5. Put the brakes on speeding

Road safety news

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